When I told them about how I escaped my pumpkin prison, they said I was out of my gourd

It’s almost Halloween!!

Actually, I could almost care less.  Halloween isn’t one of my favorite holidays, it is one of my favorite holidays to get through because it means it is that much closer to Christmas.  But, this year Mini-ion #1 seems really into it and is telling everyone he bumps into that he is going to be Mickey Mouse.  To keep the spirit and joy of this particularly holiday alive for the mini-ions…..Yeah!  Halloween!


The latest fun craft in our little school was soda bottle jack-o-lanterns.  I got the idea from here.  It was so easy but super engaging for the mini-ions.  I squeezed some red paint and yellow paint into the soda bottles (I added water too, but that ended up being completely unnecessary – the liquid of the paint was plenty).  The mini-ions shook them up and we talked about how the combination of red and yellow makes orange.  I had cut out some eyes, noses and mouths and spread them out on the table.  They picked out the pieces for the face and used glue sticks to glue them on.

Initially I was a bit taken aback by the first mouth that became eyes (unibrow?), but their creative imaginations took hold.  The jack-o-lantern on the left is a ghost and the jack-o-lantern on the right is a pig.  In case you didn’t know.

Our pig jack-0-lantern will join the other pumpkins we carved for trick or treating in just a couple of days!  Happy Halloween!

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