If you take alphabet soup on vacation, pack it in your upper case

Prior to being a stay-at-home mom, I worked for 10 years in advertising agencies.  During the last 3 or 4 years, it required a lot of travel to our clients’ location, about 2.5 hours away.

Part of the charm, I felt, of a business trip, was doing something different.  I still had the majority of my regular responsibilities while away, but it was a little bit reduced because I had other, new things to be doing.  It was harder, however, to do my regular responsibilities because I didn’t have the same tools I had in the office with me on my trip.

I knew, in advance of a business trip, I would have to work late before and after my trip.  Before I left, I had to make sure I was prepared for the upcoming meetings as well as leave the information necessary for my colleagues to continue my projects in my absence.  When I returned, I needed to catch up on the work that happened while I was away, then more forward with the additional work that came as a result of my business trip.

One of the biggest changes that happens as part of parenting is your vacations.  It is the sad and frustrated parent that goes on a vacation with their children with the hopes of getting the same level of relaxation that they used to get before children.  You still have the majority of your regular responsibilities while away, but it is a little bit reduced because you have other,  new things to be doing.  It is harder, however, doing your regular responsibilities because you don’t have the same tools you have at home with you on the trip.  Vacations, with children, become business trips, especially for the primary caregiver.

With all that said, the mini-ions and I just returned from a ” vacation” with my family.  Yes, we do go away a lot.  My parents invested in a time share, at an appropriate level, that allows them to go away almost every month.  They are generous enough to include the mini-ions and I on a lot of the trips.  This gives them more time together, but can be tough.

With all the extra busyness associated with travel, I had been up to my eyeballs trying to get everything done before the trip.  Stressed would be a good word for it.  And the mini-ions had their usual needs/requirements, which frequently would interrupt me trying to get us ready.  By about the 10th or 11th, “MOMMMMMYYYYY!” I would start to have an edge on my voice.  It was like Mini-ion #1 knew it.  And the his response at the 10th or 11th  request?

“Mommy, I love you.”

First, instant guilt hit, because I knew I had replied a little bit more angrily than I wanted to, and the whole reason he got my attention was to tell me he loved me.

Second, pure love.  How lucky am I to be loved by this sweet, awesome little boy?

Third, slap in face.  Slow down!  It will be ok!  Quit getting so mad so easily and just love.

This happened many many times over the course of the week.  During the 8.5 hour drive there (thanks to construction and an errant Siri).  Through the 7 days of “vacation” and the 6.5 hour drive home.  He hasn’t done it much since we’ve been home.  But, maybe he hasn’t needed to.

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