Those who make magnets can be quite attractive

During our twice a week little Montessori-ish school, we have an activity period.  First, I call it Montessori-ish because neither of us are Montessori trained; we’re just two moms trying the best we can, following the Montessori principles the best we can.

Anyway, to the activity period.  Through various pinterest sources, saw a pin for free-play with magnets.  The original idea comes from here.  While in that article, they made it specifically geared towards making robots, I really wanted for the mini-ions to be just able to play.

IMG_3679[1]I think it worked.  I went to the dollar store, bought some magnets, wiggly eyes, elmo cupcake toppers and anything else that currently had a magnet (including magnetic letters and numbers).  I went around my house, grabbed lids off of bottles, glued wiggly eyes on the inside and magnets on the outside.  I even grabbed a wine cork, glued a wiggly eye on one side and a magnet on the other.

I had saved a couple of cans that I had used with one of those “safety openers” and washed them out.  I put the supplies in a big section platter, put the cans on the table, and just invited the mini-ions to explore.

IMG_3681[1]They filled the cans, enjoying the sound of plastic hitting metal.  They rattled them.  They decorated them, undecorated, re-decorated.  They had a great time.  It was a great activity period, and now we’ve left out the “magnet table” for free play and activities.


One note, regarding glue.  I did not find the hot glue gun to be effective. I’ve been regluing most of them with super glue.  As always, with small items, you need to watch carefully to make sure nothing goes in the mouth.  Enjoy!

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2 Responses to Those who make magnets can be quite attractive

  1. geanieroake says:

    I and some of the neighborhood moms used to a program called, Joy School when the kids were little. No matter what the lesson plan, the good thing about this kind of thing is the time spent with your children. Good for you..

  2. Thanks!! It would be so much easier not to spend this time thinking up what to do and actually doing it, but I’m so glad I do.

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