The color of the sun in the early morning: rose.

When I first found pinterest, one of the first pins I found was making roses out of fall leaves.  And they are gorgeous!  Time/whatever happened and I hadn’t had a chance to make them.  But then, I started a blog, and need to do fun things to fill it, so this felt like the perfect opportunity to really make sure I did it.

Here’s the original website I found it on.  They are so lovely and they look so easy!  I gathered a bunch of leaves (the hard part was really keeping them safe) and when the mini-ions were occupied for a time, I sat down to give it a try.

IMG_3661[1]The first leaf (the smallest you have), you fold down the top section, folding so the colored side is on the outside and you are enclosing the uncolored side.  Then, fold down the top of each side of the leaf and fold it in the middle.  This forms the interior bud of the rose.

IMG_3662[1]Take the next leaf and fold down the top section, folding so the colored side in on the outside.  Put the “bud” on the inside (uncolored side) center of the next leaf.  Fold down the top of each side of the next leaf, then fold it around the bud.  Continue until you have the size of the rose you want.

When I had been trying it out for the first time, I looked at the leaf rose and got frustrated that it wasn’t turning out how I wanted and just threw it down on the table in disgust.  As I was sitting there disgusted, dear husband came home from work, sat down at the table and we started talking about our day.  In the middle of the conversation (I think he got bored hearing what I was saying and his mind wandered, conveniently to what was on the table) he looked down, saw a knot of leaves and said, “Is that a rose?  That looks really cool!”.  What?  Really?  That is now part of my instructions.  Throw it down in disgust, which I thought gave it a chance to loosen up.

IMG_3659[1]I stuck a piece of wire up through the stems.  I then wrapped the bottom with green florist tape, all the way to the bottom of the stems and the wire.  Mine aren’t perfect, but for a first try, I’m pretty impressed.  I’m looking forward to making a ton more!

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2 Responses to The color of the sun in the early morning: rose.

  1. geanieroake says:

    Silk flowers are so expensive, and these look really great. Thanks for sharing.

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