A chicken farmer’s favorite car is a coupe

I last wrote about being a bad mommy  regarding drilling the alphabet into Mini-ion #1.  And, that I’ve learned from my mistake, which will hopefully better enable Mini-ion #2.  Mini-ion #1 will benefit too.  I want to utilize the Montessori method of teaching letter sounds first, encouraging writing.


The new way we’re working on the alphabet, is fun, uses cars and roads, and both mini-ions are really enjoying it.

We are just starting with three letters, M C A.  I made large cut outs of each of those letters, then drew a racetrack on it where there is a start symbol and arrows on how the cars should travel the “race”.  When the cars drive the “race”, instead of making typical car noises, each letter has its own car engine sound.  On M, it is mmmmmmm (like monkey).  On A, it is aaaaaaaaa (like apple).  On C, it is caaaaaa (like cat).  In just two sessions, the mini-ions are taking to this amazingly.

IMG_3677[1]I have made index cards with the letter raised and tried to get Mini-ion #1 interested in tracing it, saying the sound, but he was very very resistant.  But, when it involves cars and a race track, he literally can’t get enough.

I’ve been surprised to see how into it Mini-ion #2 has been.  She immediately understood to follow the track and make the appropriate noise.  We’ve only done it twice, so I don’t yet know if she could do it on her own without my demonstration, but the fact that she is doing it, I find amazing.

Now, can I make all things they need to learn car related?


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