If you leave alphabet soup on the stove, it could spell disaster

*hangs head in shame*

I did it.  I officially ruined Mini-ion #1’s educational start.  I made him learn the ABC song like it was the most important song.  Ever.  Like, if he didn’t learn this song, he would never succeed.

Was it necessary?  No.  Will it make him succeed?  Probably not.  But you know what?  I caved.  I caved to the pressure I felt; the pressure that no one else put on me but myself.  The pressure that other kids his age knew it, so he should too.  Faster and earlier than everyone else.  He was 2 when I started drilling it in his head.  Does he know what it means?  Nope.  Does he understand it?  Nope.  He knows that when he sings this bit of gobbledegoock (that is the technical term), it makes me happy.  So it makes him happy.

So, Mini-ion #1, let me start here and say, I’m sorry if I have forever scarred you.  I will likely ruin you over and over again because I’m human and I just love you so much that I will do things that are crazy if I think it will help you.  But I’ll keep learning, getting better, just as you grow, and Mini-ion #2’s life will be better for it.  I think yours will be too.

Ok, was I being a bit dramatic?  Likely.  Here’s a lovely, wonderful post from a Montessori teacher about teaching the alphabet (How to being teaching the alphabet).  She doesn’t indicate that I have ruined Mini-ion #1 for life, but my “mommy guilt” isn’t letting up too easily.

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