They won’t know who robbed the Scotch factory until they check the tape

I had previously said I was joking about talking about Christmas in October, but…..well….it is already on my mind.  As a young family with only one income, we frequently have to be creative in gifts for each other and our extended family.  Luckily, everyone has always been very receptive to our home-crafted gifts.

IMG_3640[1]One tradition we enjoy at Christmas is stocking stuffers.  I’d say the general idea behind the stocking stuffer is that it is usually low priced gifts, occasionally a little “gagish” and generally an over-abundance.

As my husband is a lover of scotch and has a few ornamental toppers in some of his scotch bottles, I had the idea of trying to make some to put in his stocking (last year).  This was my attempt.  Unfortunately I couldn’t find any corks without a little top attached to them, so I ripped the top off and nailed in a spark plug.  He was pretty impressed with inventiveness (so was I!), but I felt like I could do better.

IMG_3635[1]I was recently at Walmart and picked up these stencils and paint markers for another project I’m planning.  I realized I had another cork with the top still on and thought – MONOGRAMMED BOTTLE TOPPER!    IMG_3637[1]The stencils have stickiness to them, so I was able to stick the first letter of our last name to the top of the cork.   I used the paint marker to color it in.  The directions on the stencils say to pull up while the paint was still wet, which was good for me and my desire to see it right away.  IMG_3638[1]I think it turned out pretty well!  I think I should have lined with stencil up with the wood grain and that would have made it better.  I don’t think I’ll be able to get away with putting it in dear husband’s stocking this year (hi babe!), but maybe you will.  It turned out to be a super simple, quick, diy Christmas gift, for a guy!!

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2 Responses to They won’t know who robbed the Scotch factory until they check the tape

  1. What a cool idea. My hubby might be getting one of these in his stocking this year. We’re always trying to do Christmas on a budget and this helps. Thanks!

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