Those who plant trees be-leaf in the future

Now that Oktoberfest is over, it is time to start thinking about Christmas.  Haha, just kidding.  Kinda.

I figured I’d write about some other way I’ve found to avoid doing housework and that is playing with the min-ions.  Well, not just playing.  But with the latest articles regarding the loss of play in our children and how beneficial, nay crucial, play is to our children, this was something I wanted to make sure was a priority in our family.

It would be so easy to just ease through these years.  It is so easy to not do projects or get out playing materials, not just toys, but new materials for the mini-ions to explore because I’m tired, too busy, have to cook dinner, fold the laundry, just don’t feel like it.  I knew I needed to set aside time in which I was committed to making a mess or getting out and finding new ways for the mini-ions to interact with the world.

I like/appreciate the Montessori method of learning.  Last spring, one of my friends and I set aside some space in my basement for a little classroom and set aside time to develop ideas for the mini-ions to explore.  While she and her son were not able to continue to do it, another friend and her son soon joined us for our little basement preschool.

Little by little, we’ve been finding things that work and don’t.  Considering neither of us are formally trained in education, but care significantly for our children, we’re forging our path the best way we can.

IMG_3617[1]Fall is a great time of year to be exploring nature, and one of our recent projects did exactly that.  The mini-ions and their classmate (I have yet to come up and have his mom approve a nickname for him) walked through the nature we have in our backyard and picked things they found pretty.  We brought their “treasures” in.  I squirted paint on an old cookie sheet and invited them to play.

Lisa – you’ll be happy to know there was paint mixing.  There was leaf painting.  We even added some glue, a genius move by E to add to the fun.  They may not have created traditional works of art, but I think it was fun explorations for all of them.  Plus, Mini-ion #2 didn’t put any of it in her mouth – the opportunities are endless now!

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