I decide which beer to drink on a case by case basis

Truly my final post on our Oktoberfest. I’ll just wrap up the fun and decorations.

20131005_131207We were really lucky to borrow our neighbor’s tent and tables/chairs from my church.  I put mason jars filled with fall colored flowers (some may call them weeds) from around the house as centerpieces.  I bought corn stalks from my favorite farm stand for the corners to give it that fall flair.  I hung a big sign that said, “ein prosit der gemütlichkeit” so everyone would know the words for the toast.

20131005_133231In the kids’ area, I laid out all the materials so they could decorate their own hearts to wear around their necks.  You’ll see one of my husband’s architectural drawings – when they have full size drawings that they aren’t going to use (an earlier version that isn’t needed), instead of throwing them out, they save them for our kids to color on.  Anyway, the hearts had stickers and crayons to be decorated.  Unfortunately, I never thought to get a picture of the finished product!

20131005_133323Speaking of hearts…..remember those gingerbread hearts that I baked?  They turned out beautifully decorated!  My friend E, using a toothpick and the recipe for royal icing, painstakingly decorated about 20 which I used to hang around our fence.  They said “Prost”, “Drücke mich” and “Ich liebe Dich” which mean toast, hug me and I love you.  20131005_133251They were a huge hit and added a lot of authenticity to the party overall.  Thank you, E, for decorating them!!  This picture was the appetizer table.  I wish I could say I also made the pretzels, but I didn’t.  That was about the only thing I didn’t make, so I made sure I had a HUGE quantity of them.

Otherwise, we had a bunch of outdoor toys out, I hung balloons from the deck for the kids to run through and bang around. The final hit of the party was the Masskrugstemmen competition.  You can see more about what it is here.   Essentially, you hold a 5lb stein of beer out in front of you and the last person to spill, wins.  Congrats to Travis and Gwenn, our big winners (I’ll get your steins to you).

We had so much fun, I was sad when it was over.  It will definitely be an annual event.  Prost!

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