The criminal dumpling showed a won-ton disregard of the law

Just one more post specifically about the food at my Oktoberfest, and then I’ll begin to wrap it up. This post is necessary because I was really really proud of it. It’s about spaetzle.

Spaetzle is traditional german dumplings.  It is a bit like german pasta.  We didn’t have any when we were at Oktoberfest, however it was a staple in german meals my mom would make, and while we were in Munich, at a restaurant that had no English menus, it turned out to be a word I recognized, ordered and really enjoyed eating.

I’ve typically always bought it from a box, but two things stopped me this time.  First, my desire to try to eat less “boxed” foods and make more of my food.  Second, if I bought that many boxes, this would have been a really expensive party.  I knew this was something I was going to want to make, but it wasn’t going to be easy.

I followed the recipe for making the spaetzle from here on allrecipes.  It had great reviews and when I practiced making it, it had great flavor.  I also liked that you could make it in advance, through the boiling, then fry it up the next day.


holes in the bag

I spent 3 hours making 5 times the recipe, because I wanted to make sure I had enough.  The really hard part of making spaetzle is getting out the little pieces.  I didn’t want to buy a spaetzle maker – I felt there must be another way.  And there was.  By poking holes in the bottom of a plastic ziplock bag with a skewer, I was able to squeeze out drops into the boiling water.  I used a small pot, instead of a giant pot, to reduce the steam, which helped.


squeezing the spaetzle into the water

Making 5 times a recipe of spaetzle is no joke.  I squeezed about half a bag through into boiling water, gave it a couple of minutes to boil, then drained it because I didn’t want it to overcook.  Then started all over again.

first pan almost gone!

first pan almost gone!

Based on the feedback, it was well worth the effort.  Next year, I may kick it up a notch and use one of those spaetzle with gruyere recipes I’ve seen. It seems like a german style mac and cheese.

In the meantime, I made 5 batches of spaetzle.  By hand (and Ziplock).  Hell yeah!

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2 Responses to The criminal dumpling showed a won-ton disregard of the law

  1. Jan Davidson says:

    Why didn’t you use a collander????

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