No judge wants to be known as acquitter

We had the most amazing fun at our Oktoberfest yesterday. I’ll be sure to post about all the fun and recipes. Today I thought I would write about one of the fun things we did during it – the apple pie contest!

This really stemmed from me not wanting to make a ton of desserts on top of all the other food.  Plus, being in apple country, during apple season made it seem obvious.

We had four homemade contestants and one store bought.  As people that didn’t bring pies arrived, I entered their name into a basket.  When it was dessert time, I pulled three names out of the basket and those three, and my dear husband, were the judges.

I gave each of the judges criteria from which to evaluate the pies:

Overall appearance:

  • Before slicing
  • Texture and consistency of crust/topping
  • Inside texture


  • Flavor strength and balance of ingredients
  • Mouth feel
  • Taste of crust
  • After taste

Overall impression:

  • Memorableness of pie
  • Is the pie impressive
  • Creativity

They assigned a value from 1-5, 5 being the highest.  The judges took their jobs very seriously and did a great job.  As it turned out, four of the pies won awards – two pies tied for 2nd place.  The purchased pie got points for effort.

Congratulations to our winners!  Your pies were delicious!  It was a lot of fun and some really great entries.

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