A box full to the brim with jelly jars is jam-packed.

I did it. I DID IT! I got through 100 Acts of Summer Awesomeness! And here was how I finished it.

I had a tough day ahead, so planned some great fun activites. We started with
IMG_3446[1]#9 – Baking soda and vinegar painting. The inspiration for it came from here.   I used the liquid watercolors that I had bought for previous activities and love them because they are washable). Mini-ion #1 was pretty impressed by the fizzing action, especially when he sprayed the vinegar right into the paint. But he lost interest pretty quickly (Mini-ion #2 lost interest immediately). Which quickly led me to:
IMG_3448[1]#8 – Jelly painting. I got the inspiration here.   This is actually making your own paint, but as I’m pretty terrible at making gravy with flour and water, there should have been no surprise that the paint was lumpy, so Mini-ion #1 called it jelly painting. He still liked it, and maybe next time I’ll follow my gravy recipe and make it with cornstarch instead of flour.
IMG_3449[1]#7 – Bubble pool. Like, why haven’t I done this before now? They both LOVED THIS. I just put some bubble bath in the pool. And the more they played in it, the more it bubbled. After lunch, when it had sat for a while, they were sad that there weren’t any bubbles, but then got in it and it bubbled again. It smelled good, they smelled good, I smelled good (after wet hugs). Talk about a win, win, win.
IMG_3451[1]#6 – Save the Little Einstein’s! I’m sure you’ve seen this all over pinterest, but it is freezing toys in ice and having them dig it out. I froze the Little Einstein characters so they had to “save them”. I think that was the only way they kept up with it, otherwise they would have lost interest as their efforts to break it open was largely unsuccessful. Putting it in the bubble pool, though, pretty successful.
That day was filled with a lot of fun, and then a few days later, with my dear husband home, we had some more fun.
IMG_3480[1]#5 – A bonfire.  What a great way to end a Saturday. So calming and relaxing, for us and the mini-ions.
#4 – Made dinner over an open fire. Dear husband cooked us some brats while we munched on some grapes.
IMG_3492[1]#3 – Made S’mores. I would be happy with just toasted marshmallows, but the mini-ions loved the idea of s’mores. Unfortunately I couldn’t find my bar of chocolate, so I substituted nutella instead, which was DELICIOUS! Try it. You’ll like it.
#2 – Play with glow sticks. Both mini-ions loved them. Outside. In the bath. In bed.

And, for our last act of summer awesomeness……
IMG_3500[1]#1 – Ride on a swing with Daddy. Does it get more awesome than that?

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