No one wanted to see the naked banana. I guess it just lacked appeal.

It was a hot day.  It was a cranky day.  As Mini-ion #1 would say, “a long day, mommy”.  Even before Mini-ion#2’s nap, I knew it was going to be a rough early evening.  So I took fate into my hands.

Now typically I might plan to go somewhere to break up the late afternoon, but it was an underwear kind of day because we had been playing in the pool (and probably would again).  I did not have the energy or patience to get everyone dressed and out somewhere.


Then I remembered something I did a couple of times last  year but hadn’t done yet this summer.  Something so fun and awesome it was sure to turn the day around for all of us.  Act of Summer Awesomeness #10 – processed frozen banana!

Just after I got Mini-ion #2 down for her nap, I cut up 2 bananas and put them on a piece of waxed paper, on a baking sheet, in the freezer.


Once she got up (about 2 hours later), I ran them through my Cuisinart Smart Stick .  This part of the process isn’t for the faint of heart.  It’s important to really give it time.  Many a banana has been lost by people that thought it didn’t work.  It takes time.  It takes stopping and pushing the bananas back down with a spatula.  Then spinning some more.  Then pushing down with a spatula.


But eventually, the bananas start to look like little pieces the size of gravel.  You’ll probably still have chunks in there, but you’ll know it is starting to come together once you see the gravel pieces.  I don’t know if it is the heat of the processor or just the constant processing, but eventually, the pieces of gravel turns into the smoothest looking goodness.



IMG_3469[1]Yes.  That’s the stuff.  It looks just like soft served ice cream.  But better, because it is only made with guilt-free bananas.  Two bananas more than satisfied myself and the two mini-ions, so excited to be getting “ice cream”.





IMG_3470[1]I like mine with a little bit of peanut butter, but the topping choices are endless; chocolate, berries, sprinkles.  The perfect way to get through a tough afternoon.

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