The hardest thing I’ve had to make was a sculpture from a large rock.

The last days of summer are upon us, and it feels like the final legs of our Acts of Summer Awesomeness will be accomplished.  Here are some of our latest:

IMG_3384[1]#21 – Painting with Q-tips – this was a cute and fun activity.  It was a good chance for the mini-ions to try a different type of brush.  But, as you can see, the car was always present.  And soon the car became part of the art, which precipitated our next activity.

#20 – Toy bath – Now this happened not because they used the car to paint with, but used the q-tips to paint the car.  I guess construction paper wasn’t exciting enough?  Didn’t have enough curves or challenging holes?  But, ever the good car owners, a toy bath (as opposed to a car wash?) was necessary.

IMG_3391[1]#19 – Sandbox restaurant – my feeling is that this should be an act of every week awesomeness!  We have this great restaurant in the next town over with a giant sandbox in the back.  I mean, GIANT!  It was developed to be a volleyball court, but then the kids took it over and the owners ran with it.  It is so great to be able to go there with my MOM’s Club, sit back, eat lunch, and watch the kids play.  More restaurants should have this.

#18 – Playdate at a park – This might be my  new favorite way to have playdates.  Of course, at my favorite park, a bunch of moms and kids from my MOMs group all get together to play together.  So much easier than cleaning up the house before and after!

#17 – Conquering a fear – While we were at our favorite park, Mini-ion #1 conquered a fear of one particular piece of playground equipment.  I wish I had taken a picture of the equipment or even him when he got to the top.  But envision one of those tall, curved ladders with tons of openings for 3 year olds to fall out.  All summer, he’s wanted me to spot him while he climbed it, ultimately not completing it.  He’d ask me to carry him across, but, based on the RIE philosophy that we abide by, particularly at playgrounds, if he can’t do it, then he can’t do it.  However, that day at the par, he did it!  And I didn’t throw up my breakfast from fear!

IMG_3405[1]#16 – Visit an outdoor sculpture museum – this place was fabulous.  Fabulous!!  Acres upon acres of outdoor modern art.  It felt so great to be able to pull the mini-ions around and take in the art on a beautiful day in a park like setting.  We packed a picnic lunch and when we got hungry, we just stopped next to a sculpture and took it in.  One thing I’ve missed since becoming a stay-at-home mom is culture, but I sure took advantage of it while we were here visiting.  Hopefully the mini-ions even got a bit of culture as well.

IMG_3425[1]#15 – Go carts – this was a lot of fun for dear husband and Mini-ion #1 (while Mini-ion #2 napped in the car after a fun day at the sculpture park).  Luckily we could park right next to it so I could nab a picture.  You can barely see Mini-ion #1 in the car with dear husband, but he was there and had a GREAT time.



#14 – Bubble painting – this was another chance for me to use my very favorite Liquid Watercolors. One of my favorite things about them is they are non-toxic and washable.  That’s right, washable.  How well is your food dye getting out of your clothes ;).  Anyway, I mixed about two drops of dish soap, half cup of water and about 15 drops of the liquid watercolors.  I put a hole in the top of the straw to try to stop the mini-ions from sucking it up (although it must not have been a big enough hole, because they both got a mouthful) and let them make bubbles.  Then they popped the bubbles on white pieces of paper.  And then painted the paper with the straws.  And then dumped the water and painted themselves, but like I said, it is washable!!

IMG_3441[1]#13 – Hopscotch – In the mini-ions outdoor playspace, we have some concrete stepping stones that I used to play hopscotch.  I wrote numbers on them, and encouraged them to jump to the numbers and jump through.  I got them through it a couple of times, even getting Mini-ion #2 to jump on them pretty well.

#12 – Eating alfresco – isn’t that one of the best parts of summer?  Eating outside?  I have it listed like we did it once, but we’re eating outside nearly every chance we get.  Particularly dinner.  I’ll pre-bake some meat, then dear hubby will come home and baste/crisp it up on the grill while I make a side to go with it.  This has been the summer of chicken, but we’re really enjoyed eating it outside on our deck.

IMG_3443[1]#11 – Build a swing – One day dear husband had an act of inspiration and wanted to build something awesome for the mini-ions.  And built them this swing.  It’s great, and fun and only Mini-ion #2 has ridden on it; Mini-ion #1 is still a little too afraid of it.  I have hopes that before snow comes, Mini-ion #1 will ride it, after all he has conquered other fears this summer.


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5 Responses to The hardest thing I’ve had to make was a sculpture from a large rock.

  1. What a great list of family fun!!! Thanks for sharing!

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