I beat the eggs and I whip the cream, but the onion always makes me cry.

Ahh, September 11th. You’ve found us again.

We are of the fortunate. The fortunate to have been in the city and eventually made it out alive. Other than a few short hours when I thought I had lost my dear boyfriend (now dear husband) we didn’t lose any friends, family or acquaintances.

But the day still strikes so many emotions. Knowing that it is still an emotional day for me, even 12 years later, I thought I would plan a bevy of activities for me and the mini-ions, to keep us busy and to keep me from thinking about the terror that the day and the weeks following, instilled.

But it seemed like it was a bad idea. As I sit here, after just telling Mini-ion #1 to get out of my sight to keep from lashing out at him because he threw a ball at my head (because I apparently need to tell him 5 times to please stop doing something before he will stop, as he just let me know), I’m in awe of the affect the day still has.

Even after a good night’s sleep, a nutritional breakfast and a slew of fun ahead of us, I still find myself irritable for no good reason, other than; this day brings up a lot of emotions.

A fellow blogger (and high school friend) wrote a great entry. Instead of trying to fill the day with happy, maybe next year I’ll go back to watching the coverage and knowing why I’m crying instead of trying to have fun and end up crying.

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2 Responses to I beat the eggs and I whip the cream, but the onion always makes me cry.

  1. dsgnmom says:

    Great post. All we can do is be real about our emotions and let time do the rest. God Bless!
    Thanks for the pingback on my post. I try to write from the heart as you do…. Take care.

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