A museum is a thing of the past.

The weather has been actively trying to prevent us from accomplishing 100 Acts of Summer Awesomeness, but I won’t let it! Here’s our latest tally.

IMG_3340[1]#29 – Visited a local museum. We happened past one that had an exhibit focusing on people that served in the military from our town. It featured photos and various memorabilia. A neat little find!
#28 – Painted balloons. What a fun little adventure this was. I hung balloons from the deck, and let the mini-ions bat at them with paint brushes. It also led to some painting of the deck, but since I used washable paint, I wasn’t too worried. Next time, I think I’ll set them a little further apart because they kept getting tangled with each other.
IMG_3372[1]#27 – Driving on chalk roads. We needed to be outside because dear hubby was working from home. I drew a windy road on the driveway and Mini-ion #1 loved driving up and down it. Once he got tired of the second road I drew, he drew roads.
#26 – Made our own bubbles! I followed the recipe I found here.  I didn’t feel like this mixture was very successful when it came to the little bubble wands. It also didn’t work great when it came to the bubble mower, but that could be user error. It did seem pretty successful when it came to Gazillion Groovin Bubble Flower , one of Mini-ion #2’s favorite birthday gifts.
#25 – Made a swing. My dear husband was really inspired the other day to make something awesome for the mini-ions, just one of the many reasons I love him. And he made a really great, awesome swing from a long rope, tied to a high tree limb with a wood plank at the bottom. And Mini-ion #2 loves it, but my dear husband doesn’t feel it is a success until Mini-ion #1 will give it a spin. Fingers crossed it happens sooner rather than later.
IMG_3255[1]#24 – Played soccer. Both my dear husband and I grew up playing soccer as youngsters so we were happy to play around with them. I look forward to future soccer games with them; it was fun.
#23 – Went to Celtic Festival. I’m Scottish and my dear husband is Irish so when we found a local Celtic Festival, we were excited to have them experience their heritage a bit. It was like non-stop bagpipers, and we loved it.
IMG_3259[1]#22 – Bug hunting. We didn’t find too many, but luckily we didn’t squish any either.

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