A guy swallowed a spoon and found he couldn’t stir.

It was s’mores day at my house and boy did we have fun!

The inspiration for this day came from here. We invited our friends from our MOM’s group to help with the play and knock out a few more Acts of Summer Awesomeness.

The day was supposed to start with building a solar oven to bake the s’mores, but unfortunately there was no sun. NO SUN! GRRRR!!!

IMG_3347[1]So we moved on. To painting with marshmallows (#33). I covered our outdoor table with old architectural drawings from my husband’s office (one of our favorite things to color the back of and we’re recycling!), set out marshmallows and paint, and just let them have fun. Mini-ion #1 got right into it, knowing just what to do. Mini-ion #2 just ran up, grabbed a marshmallow, then ran away so she could eat it in privacy. Until I was hip to her game. Then she just ran up, dipped her fingers in the paint and tried to eat that. Ugh! Thank goodness for non-toxic paint!
Painting with marshmallows quickly dissolved into driving cars through the paint and around the marshmallows. Everything comes back to cars, right?

IMG_3349[1]The next activity was playing with marshmallow shooters (#32). I tied the end of the balloon, cut the round part off and put that over a toilet paper roll. Then, because I was dealing with kids aged 2-4, I secured it with some clear packing tape, which helped keep it together. Especially as the pulled on the knot as hard as they could to send the mini-marshmallows flying. I set up some “targets”, really just empty containers to give them something to aim at, and let them fly. They had a lot of fun with this project and the sounds of cheers and groans filled the air.

IMG_3351[1]The final activity for our s’mores day was marshmallow balancing races (#31). Image 3351. I use the word “races” loosely as it was enough of a challenge to run while keeping marshmallows on a wooden spoon. Mini-ion #1’s friend would put one marshmallow on a spoon and head out, stopping when the one marshmallow fell to start again. Mini-ion #1 decided to take a handful of marshmallows on a spoon, so he felt successful when he made it out and back with one marshmallow on his spoon. In either case, there was a lot of giggling.


It was a fun day. And we left tons of marshmallows on the ground so hopefully the groundhog will leave my garden alone for a couple of days.

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6 Responses to A guy swallowed a spoon and found he couldn’t stir.

  1. Awesome ideas! I bet that will be a day the kids remember for a long time to come, fun. 🙂
    Thanks for the Link :Love.

    Life With Lorelai

  2. ps…Pinned this! 🙂


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