Next time you get a lawyer a drink give him just-ice.

We’ve had so much fun lately checking off more items on our Acts of Summer Awesomeness. Are you ready for some more?
IMG_3280[1]I really stretched out of my comfort zone and we did ice cube water painting (#45). The inspiration for this came from here. Like they did, I bought liquid watercolors (from amazon). I dropped 4 drops into each ice cube try, filled with water and froze overnight. The colors turned out gorgeous. Both mini-ions played with it, eventually the ice cubes were being pushed in the dump truck and some surprisingly beautiful art came out of it.IMG_3291[1]
We also declared one Tuesday as a “Park Day!” for #44. We got to our favorite park as early as we could, and stayed until Mini-ion #2 was almost falling down with exhaustion. We ate some favorite foods for lunch (for me, it was the gazpacho which tasted heavenly on a hot day at the park). An all around great day!
IMG_3299[1]The next day we woke up to thunderstorms. What kind of fun can you have with thunderstorms? Painting with water (#43). Mini-ion #1 literally started whining as soon as he was dressed that he wanted to paint. I just looked at him thinking, it’s not even 8am, I haven’t had any coffee and you want to paint? I was pretty relieved that he was abated by the water, paint brush and dark construction paper otherwise it could have been a pretty tough morning.

IMG_3313[1]We’ve also had some bike riding (#42). A friend introduced us to the balance bike before we bought Mini-ion #1’s first bike and we totally love it – this is the one we bought in red. It is pure genius. The idea is that children aren’t able to pedal, but they are able to learn balance (which is what they require the assistance of training wheels to learn), so if they have the opportunity to learn balance, they may not need training wheels. Well, Mini-ion #1 loves it! And so do we

IMG_3318[1]More outdoor fun has included playing with wood blocks (#41). When I say wood blocks, I mean real pieces of wood used as blocks. My good friend the pre-school teacher, recommended this to me. My dear husband literally cut fallen branches into pieces and the mini-ions love building with them. Mini-ion #1 was searching out the ones with little branches for his “bird house”. Mini-ion #2 was just happy when it stayed up.

IMG_3334[1]We took a family hike along a paved trail that goes through our town (#40) and it was fantastic. Mini-ion #1 rode his bike, Mini-ion #2 rode in her wagon, smiling as the breeze lifted her hair. The wagon ended up being perfect because when Mini-ion #1 got tired, we could put him or his bike in the wagon.

One afternoon we did some frog spotting in the backyard (#39), taking advantage of the pond we have. My dear husband led the charge on that – I’m happy to stay back when it comes to frogs. Following that was family hill rolling (#38). I wasn’t able to take a picture of that because I was too busy rolling myself! My dear husband and I both agree that hill rolling is best left to the mini-ions!

And finally, we’ve gotten to enjoy one of summer’s greatest pleasures – blockbuster movies (#37). In this case, we took the mini-ions to see their first movie – Disney’s Planes. It was fun, a lot of fun. They both did surprisingly well. In a quiet part of the movie, Mini-ion #1 yelled out, “I love planes!”. He’s declaring this one his favorite over Cars, but we’ll see.

I can’t believe we’re actually completing so many Acts of Summer Awesomeness! I know I’ve still got a long way to go, but since I didn’t “start summer” until June 22, I’m figuring I have until September 21 to complete the remaining 36. I’m feeling like we just might make it!

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