Flying these days is a frisky business.

If you’ve had to take an airplane ride, you’ve googled about how to survive. And frankly, I’ve found many of the suggestions on survival ridiculous. There is no happy ending to playing a game of catch with a small ball. And if the mini-ions are unlikely to keep stickers contained to paper at home, what makes any fool think it will work on an airplane. Coloring? Please re-read the previous two sentences.

We’ve utilized technology before (i.e. shows on tablets and DVD players) and unless the flight is significantly longer than the movie, you’ll be running into problems when it is time to land. And, even if you can time the movie perfectly, we haven’t had any luck in convincing our mini-ions that just because the pilot said so is a good reason to not start another show.

So, here’s what has worked for us.

Starting with – their favorite food. Particularly food they may not get a lot of at home. My favorite is Auntie Annie’s Bunny Grahams.  Annie’s Bunny Snack Variety Pack Bunny Grahams and Cheddar Bunnies Thirty-Six 1 Ounce Bags And yes, I buy mine at amazon and I get them every two months with their subscribe and save.

Next is this amazing Melissa and Doug toy that we found at a garage sale. It’s amazing because all the pieces are attached, but still gives both mini-ions a chance to explore and make believe. Melissa & Doug Vehicles MazeIMG_3109[1]

Although it may have seemed dangerous, sewing was a big hit. Before I left, my dear husband made lacing cards (inspiration came from here). He literally cut shapes out of foam core, poked holes in them, took thick yarn and taped a piece of plastic to the end. The mini-ions really enjoyed playing with them. Note to self, when sewing in confined areas don’t use shapes that have sharp corners.

Other than cars that could drive everywhere, the final bit of amazingness that really worked was a role of masking tape. GENIUS! GENIUS! GENIUS! I wish I could give credit to where I found that idea, but I can’t remember. I simply ripped pieces of masking tape off and Mini-ion #1 started making a piece of masking tape art while Mini-ion #2 just stuck it to the seat in front of her. Once they tired of that, we used pieces of the tape to make new parts on ourselves (elephant trunks, earrings, mustaches). And finally, Mini-ion #1 “bandaged” my “owies”, covering my right arm in white masking tape. It left no marks, came off easily and ate up about 45 minutes of flight time (and that’s only because we landed).

I hope any of that may help with any future plane rides you have. I’d love to hear more (and realistic, not malarkey that magazines have devised) tips you’ve utilized. After those rides, though, I hope I won’t have to fly with them again until next year.

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