Photographers are often very candid people.

Apparently, in my joy and enthusiasm after the birth of Mini-ion #1, I made a huge mistake. A terrible error in judgement so grievous, that my dad is looking for revenge during my worst moments.

grandparentsThe colossal act of depravity that I committed? I took a picture of my mom and dad meeting their first, brand new, grandchild.

My parents had gotten up at around 3am that morning and drove 15 hours to come meet their new grandson. They had driven through some heavy traffic and tough weather to have this experience. This exact experience that I lovingly documented, the first meeting. However, my dad felt he looked tired.

Since then, he has endeavored to document my worst moments. Times like after my dear husband and I had driven through the night, starting at around 6pm and arriving at their house at 4am. Yup, there was my dad taking a picture of us as we came in and sought our bed.

I bring this up because my dad struck again during our trip to Gatlinburg. I had the misfortune of flying with my two kids, by myself. And as we walked off the plane, mentally and physically unraveling because I was so relieved that the ordeal was over, yup, there was my dad taking a picture of us as we came through security.

And don’t think he let going through security on the way home slip him by. Mini-ion #2 is insistent on being held and I am literally holding Mini-ion #1 down in the stroller so I can get to the place where I unwrap everything to put through the detector. Yup, there was my dad taking a picture of us.

I possess but won’t post those pictures because it is my blog and I don’t have to. And I want to protect the privacy of the mini-ions.

But Dad, guess what? Bazinga!

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