The first fish to gather in schools was the grouper.

We’ve just come back from a week adventure with my parents. I have many things to say, and the events of that week could fill many many blog posts. But I’ll start with the Acts of Summer Awesomeness that happened over the week.

We started by staying with my parents one night at their house in South Carolina. After going to church Sunday morning, we headed out to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. This is my second trip there with my parents, but it sure is a culture shock as I’m from the north east (one of those damn Yankees, I hear).

The first activity we did there was to take a tram lift to the top of the mountain (#51), and what a cool thing to do. It was essentially like taking a ski lift, but in the summer. We got to the highest point in the Gatlinburg and had a beautiful view. We did a little walking around in the city and had our first helping of pancakes.


That night for dinner, we went to a dinner theater (#50)! Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede.  It was cute and fun, the food was pretty good. The show was entertaining, even for our youngest mini-ion at 15 months, although I think her favorite part was eating the Cornish hen without using any hands.

The next day we went to the local petting zoo (#49). Both mini-ions had a chance to feed the goats and the deer, we even got into the goat pen (but left after they tried to eat Mini-ion #2’s dress off). It was pretty cute and offered an up close look at many animals including a camel and a zebra (that they made me feed – yesh they have big teeth!).


On Wednesday, we headed off to Dollywood (#48). That’s right. It’s our second trip there. As a northerner, I would say my main impression of Dolly Parton is more cartoonish, but on both trips, I’ve been very impressed with how classy the place is. It is very clean and well organized. A great variety of rides, including enough to keep the mini-ions going well into the afternoon.  I was also amazed to see how many grandparents brought their grandkids there – very sweet.


On Thursday, the kids had a quiet day at the hotel with my dad while my mom and I did a touch of shopping. That afternoon there was swimming. Yes, real swimming (#47). By Mini-ion #2! Mini-ion #1 isn’t much of a swimmer, so far. He is a little nervous getting water on his head so we have him use a life vest in the pool, which makes him very comfortable. Mini-ion #2 was using what is called an aqua tot trainer  and she was literally swimming across the pool with very little help from me. I was astounded.

On Friday, we headed out to the aquarium (#46).  The aquarium is well done; my favorite part is walking underneath the large fish pool and seeing the sharks swimming overhead. Mini-ion #1 loved the freedom of running around and acting crazy. Mini-ion #2 loved the seahorses.


All-in-all, a great deal of fun was had in Gatlinburg, TN. Thanks, Mom and Dad, for a great trip. Happy birthday, Mom!

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