Teachers’ hands are usually chalk-full.

If I didn’t like puns so much, I would have titled this post – Wife-1, Dear Husband-0.


See, Dear Husband came home to our back deck covered in chalk.  It was another beautiful day, so I encouraged the mini-ions to try to “paint” the deck with chalk (#53).  And they did a bang up job.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t thinking enough to get a picture of it.  But they REALLY did a good job.


It was one of those days where I was tired in the afternoon and was happy to let them both just color as much of the deck as they could.  And I was too tired to want to clean it up.  So by the time my dear husband came home, he was pushing down the horror he felt seeing all the nooks and crannies in the deck that the mini-ions got chalk in.  Places that no amount of rain would ever touch.  Plus, seeing how tired I was, there was slim chance of it being cleaned up anytime soon.


But ye of little faith (as my mom would say….smack my forehead with my hand).  Because the remedy was another Act of Summer Awesomeness – playing with squirt bottles (#52)!  I gave each mini-ion a squirt bottle and told them both to squirt all the chalk off the deck.  This turned out to be a big winner in everyone’s book.


When I texted the picture to my dear husband, his reply –   Wife-1, Dear Husband-0

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6 Responses to Teachers’ hands are usually chalk-full.

  1. Great idea and oh how children love water and anything that sprays!

  2. Thanks! This was their first time with something that sprayed and they really did love it!

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