After a tiring game in the rain a referee likes to wet his whistle.

I think one part of taking full advantage of summer is having the time and flexibility to utilize opportunities that come your way. The second part is seeing the opportunity.

Over a series of a week, we really had the chance to take advantage of the fun that can be found in rainy days. More Acts of Summer Awesomeness!!

#57 – playing in the rain, a’la Singing in the Rain style (umbrella and all)

#56 – Making boats to float in rain puddles. This originally was going to be boats we had, but I couldn’t find them. I ripped two sheets of aluminum foil and my dear husband and I both built a boat. As he is an architect, his boat was perfect, while Mini-ion #1 nearly jumped out of his skin waiting for it. As I just wanted to give a boat to Mini-ion #2, mine was a cup that she got in 5 seconds that she immediately put into a puddle of water. In either case, they enjoyed seeing their boats float.

#55 – Rain bath! Really, this was playing in the rain, but I finally convinced Mini-ion #1 to not use an umbrella. Mini-ion #2 never wanted an umbrella – she commits like that.

#54 – Rainbow hunting. During one of the rainstorms, the sun was out during the majority of it. So we ran around outside looking for the rainbow, getting rained on. Unfortunately we didn’t see one this time, but fingers crossed, we’ll try again next time.

the closest we could find to a rainbow

the closest we could find to a rainbow

It was a fun couple of days of rain play. And I bet the rain was doing great things for my garden!!

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