When kissing flowers, tulips are better than one.

I was all set for the week! By Monday afternoon I had the grocery shopping, house cleaning and laundry all done. All we needed to do the rest of the week was have fun. On the agenda was going to a beach, a playground, my monthly MOM’s group and berry picking (we’re trying for the 3rd time!).

Tuesday morning, Mini-ion 2 woke up vomiting. Poor girl!! Well, there went the playground on Tuesday. But, Mini-ion 1 and I didn’t let it be a total loss. I invented a new game, for #64 Act of Summer Awesomeness, an auditory scavenger hunt. It was a beautiful morning and we sat outside and listened to the creatures around us and tried to identify what they were. Mostly birds and the 17-year Cicadas.


Tuesday afternoon, as I thought Mini-ion 2 was getting better, she vomited again. Ok, Wednesday plans were scrapped. But by Wednesday morning, Mini-ion 2 was acting like she was feeling better, and since they were both getting a little stir crazy, we had a lot of fun.

First, we played with chalk (#63). I expected to see our front walk covered with chalk scribbles, but mostly the mini-ions really just wanted to investigate how the chalk looked on all the different surfaces. The porch, Adirondack chairs, stone walkway; but I think their favorite was the screens.


Next we cut some of the beautiful flowers we have growing in our front yard and Mini-ion 1 arranged them in a vase (#62). I had him pick which flowers I would cut, then I put them all in a pile and he selected the flowers for the vase and arranged them. He really enjoyed it and I’ve enjoyed the flowers in the house!


Immediately after that, Mini-ion 1 saw the bubbles, so on to the next Act of Summer Awesomeness (#61), blowing bubbles. It’s been something I had been holding out to do when I was running towards the end of summer and out of fun things to do, but I guess he beat me to it. Doesn’t mean we can’t do it again!


Then, after all that fun, it was nap time. After both mini-ions had really long naps, I knew I needed another activity, so it was painting with water (#60). This turned out to be the most fantastic activity of the day! Since Mini-ion 2 likes to put things like this in her mouth, I had very few concerns with her. And Mini-ion 1 loved painting over everything. Even getting the chalk off the screen!


Finally my dear husband came home and we had dinner. I knew that both mini-ions were going to need to release some more energy, so after dinner was an invigorated game of catch (#59). It was good to give my dear husband some more opportunities to get in on some of the awesomeness.


I totally blew through my stored inventory of Acts of Summer Awesomeness, so I’m going to be hard pressed to put another day together like that. I’m always looking for some good, easy can only do during the summer, fun activities. Hint….hint…..

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