Meet me at the clothes line. That’s where I hang out!

What is summer without bbqing with friends? Ahh, what better way to enjoy food, friends and fireflies!

We were lucky enough to have two in one weekend! A Friday and Sunday bbq. Not only did we get to eat great food, I didn’t have to make it. That made the food extra special, logging in #67 and #66’s Acts of Summer Awesomeness.

One more Act of Summer Awesomeness came in that same weekend, and I know it might be debated, but it was going to a street full of yard sales. Yes, it was awesome for me, as the mom, to score some good deals. You may argue that for the mini-ions, it was not so awesome because they had to go too. But wait until you see our score!

10 outfits.  That's right, 10 OUTFITS!

10 outfits. That’s right, 10 OUTFITS!


Obviously it was all for the mini-ions (we already had the tablet and leapfrog computer, but all the rest was new to us!). All for $22. That xylophone has been played every single day since we got it. For $1. That picnic table has had spills, car races and giggles almost every day since we got it. For $10. Yup – I’m calling it. #65 Act of Summer Awesomeness was a huge score at three yard sales!

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