The frog who traced his family history to Warsaw found he was a tad Polish.

FIRST CONCERT ALERT!  That’s right!  For the 68th Act of Summer Awesomeness, we went to their first concert.


I mean, what is summer without concerts?  I think my first one was the Beach Boys, the day before I started 4th grade.  So fun!!  I’ve never been a huge concert goer, but I’ve certainly gone to a few that I can brag about, like Dave Matthews Band and The Beastie Boys (and others that I’ll never mention again).  When my dear husband had to put in some extra work hours at home, I was happy to take them to the rockin’, the jammin’ BOSSY FROGS!


No, there was no mosh pit.  Most everyone kept their clothes on (except for the toddler across the way that was lifting his shirt).  Very little crowd surfing was done.  But it was still fun.  The mini-ions were mesmerized by the banjo, harmonica and guitar.  The fiddle player hula-hooped during one song.  It was a very sweet introduction to the fun of concerts.  I hope they both have a chance to experience many more in their life!

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