On organic farms they till it like it is.


For the first time, we actually had to pay for one of our Acts of Summer Awesomeness.  Considering we were able to do 30 for free, the $10 cost wasn’t so bad.  For #69 of our 100 Acts of Summer Awesomeness, we went to a local historical village that demonstrated life in the 1900’s (including chickens!).


This little village is another sweet reminder of my childhood.  I grew up in northwestern Pennsylvania, very close to Crook Farm, a 19-th century restored homestead.  We went there as school children to learn how children attended school in those days.  I could probably still dig up the pictures of us writing with feathers and making candles.  Additionally there was a county craft fair there just before school started and a Christmas fair that I was enlisted as a caroler.  Going to this local village was another great feeling of being able to provide for my mini-ions some of the great experiences I had as a mini-ion.


We went with the MOM’s group again, during the week, which is my favorite time to do anything these days.  I’ve gotten so spoiled being able to do the family shopping during the week that I’m almost overwhelmed by the crowds on the weekend.  And going to this village during the week was no different; we were nearly the only ones there.  Because of that, we had the run of the place and they did a special session where the mini-ions could see what it was like to make their own candles.


Experiencing the limited conveniences that was the way of life in the 1900’s certainly helped make me appreciate our conveniences.  My dad had found my grandmother’s letters to her friend, while she was a young mom, and my grandmother wrote about her excitement of getting a clothes washer.  IMAGINE?


I don’t know that the mini-ions got any new appreciation for anything that day; except maybe the air conditioning in the car.  But I was happy to have found and experienced this place because I know that it will be a place of future memories for our family.

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