It’s a fact, taller people sleep longer in bed.

This year, for the first time, my girls’ weekend  with my sorority sisters included children.  It’s not surprising as so many of us have little mini-ions, and many of them still in the infant stage, making it hard to be away from them for an entire weekend.

My mini-ions had SO MUCH FUN with all of their new friends over.  Consider, at the peak, 10 women and 9 children.  Such a relief we weren’t outnumbered!  With that many mini-ions running around, we had to do a lot of fun activities, racking up our Acts of Summer Awesomeness!  Some I have pictures of, some I don’t.  But the fun included:

#81 – I got all the musical instruments out, turned on, I’m Elmo and I know it, and we had a band!

#80 – We pulled strollers and wagons out and went for a walk in the neighborhood.  Also found a discarded pool slide which came in handy later.

#79 – Hi!  Sleepover!  Complete with late night snacks and going to bed waaaaaay too late.

#78 – Cornstarch and strawberry shaving cream play table (and discarded pool slide).  It was a fun sensory activity that the mini-ions couldn’t wait to be a part of and drive cars through.


#77 – Pool time!!  Two pools with a slide that emptied into one of them.  Mini-ion #2 astounded me with her independence, sliding right into the pool of water, one time even face first.  On purpose!


#76 – Crown making.  We were prepared for full on painting, but luckily gluing foam bits on a crown more than filled the “I’m about to have a melt-down” time in the afternoon that every Mom fears.


After everyone left, Mini-ion #1 said, “I miss my friends.”  My too, honey bear, me too.

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