A college for optometrists has a lot of glassrooms.

In college, I helped to start, what became, a small regional sorority. We started our chapter from another local chapter at a close by school and eventually expanded to another university near us. While my chapter and the chapter we came from did close, the third chapter is kicking strong.

There are a lot of things you can learn about in joining a sorority. We did a lot of things wrong, for sure. It’s hard not to at 18, taking your first steps at independence. But we certainly did some things right, because I’m still friends with many of my sorority sisters, from as far back as 16 years ago.

A lot can happen in 16 years, relationships change, people change. You experience highs and lows in life. You move, marry, have children, contemplate divorce, lose jobs, get new jobs, break-up, lose loved ones. But one constant that I’ve been able to rely on for the last eight years is that one weekend a year, I’ll be able to get together with these ladies that have touched my life for the last 16 years.

And it is one of those amazing relationships that is hard to understand. We’ll gather for a girls’ weekend in our grubbiest clothes, barest faces, most open souls with no concern of judgment or scolding if you’ve been away too long. There are many jokes, quotes and hugs throughout the weekend. We’ll discuss our troubles and triumphs. We’ll offer sympathy and encouragement. We’ll offer advice and sometimes just listen. It’s soul nourishing.

I hosted this year’s gathering, as I have hosted many in the past. Although it takes some determined organization, I get so much help along the entire weekend, it makes it easy to do. This year was extra special because I hadn’t had it at my new house and it was a great feeling to christen it with friendship. As one of the ladies said, “Your house feels like a hug”.

Well, YSB’s, my house and I miss you and look forward to giving you a hug next year.

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