Corn is so versatile that it is an a-maize-ing grain.

I’ve been more and more amazed to see the “fruits of my labor”.  By that, I mean things actually growing in my garden.  Of recent success have been cucumbers and tomatoes.  And eating food straight out of the garden becomes #82 on our Acts of Summer Awesomeness.

I’ve mentioned before that I grew up in a gardening family.  Some really memorable family dinners came almost completely out of the garden.  First there would be all the corn on the cob you could eat.  And to butter the corn, we used a piece of bread, slathered with butter.  Once you had your fill of corn, you piled your piece of bread high with cucumber and tomato slices.  A little salt and pepper.  Delicious! I’m sure there was a meat of some kind, because my mom was a balanced meal kind of mom, but that clearly wasn’t the memorable part.

We’re heading in to our second year at this house that came with a set up garden patch.  Since last summer was all about coping to a life with two mini-ions, gardening just wasn’t in my available time.  I’ve been excited this year to really take advantage of the garden patch and try to grow something for the first time.  I’d like to take credit for what seems might be a huge bumper crop of tomatoes and cucumbers, but really I think our previous owners should take the credit; the soil is just beautiful.

My cousin, recently posted on facebook when showing a picture of his garden, “Yes, I do get the “becoming your parents” feeling about this whole activity;).”  That so easily captures the feeling I have about gardening and sharing it with the mini-ions.   I’d love for them to have memories of stuffing themselves with our garden’s bounty.  It all starts with the first bite, right?

Mini-ion #2 eating the first bite of the first tomato

Mini-ion #2 eating the first bite of the first tomato

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4 Responses to Corn is so versatile that it is an a-maize-ing grain.

  1. Our garden is a great memory from my childhood. I grew up in the country and we had 2 large vegetable gardens and lots of raspberry and strawberry bushes as well. I now live in the city and our lot has lots of shade. We have tried growing a small garden but with not much luck. I really wish my kids could experience that feeling of growing stuff in the garden!

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