Campers need to have a positive in-tent.

As part of the fun of summer, our relatives hosted a “palooza” at their estate.  And I call it an estate because although it has a smaller house, it has an ENORMOUS amount of land attached to it.  As part of the palooza-ing, we were invited to camp on their enormous estate.

From the get-go, that sounded like trouble for us.  First off, the palooza was taking place in July.  Second off, we live a seven minute drive away.  Third off, we can barely get the mini-ions to sleep, at home, in their bed, in the air conditioning.  Now let’s add in sleeping in a tent?

Don’t get the wrong impression – I grew up camping.  As many families can attest, there wasn’t a ton of money to spend on hotels for vacations, so we utilized camping to see the multitude of battlegrounds that my dad liked to go to.  We don’t have a ton of money either, so I can appreciate the opportunity that camping provides.  Plus, it is nice to get out into nature.  For our first wedding anniversary, we went camping.  When I was pregnant with Mini-ion #1, we went camping.  I like camping.  But it is one of those activities that you shouldn’t rush to in your excitement to share that experience with your own mini-ions.

After a full day of playing (in 90 degree heat) my husband and Mini-ion #1 spent the night in a tent while Mini-ion #2 and I went home to sleep in the air conditioning.  Although I wasn’t there to partake in the camping, I think the torture that my dear husband endured should make it count on the 100 Acts of Summer Awesomeness (#93).  And, because he was able to keep our Mini-ion uninjured during fireworks, they get credit for that (#92).

Mini-ion #1 really gets a lot of credit on this adventure.  He was nervous, tired and hot, but he stuck with it.  My dear husband offered to bring him home to his mommy in the air conditioning, but he said, no, I want to camp.

I think he gets the stubbornness from my husband’s side.

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3 Responses to Campers need to have a positive in-tent.

  1. Too funny! I have never made it through the night while camping. Too hot, too many bugs, etc. I would like to give it another go!

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