I went to the store to buy some soup but they were out of stock.

I’ve had this ongoing initiative to try to make more of the food we eat. It stems from two reasons, 1 – to save money. Sandwich bread is cheaper to make than buy. Chili beans – ridiculously cheaper to make than buy. The second reason is because I want to try to make food that is more nutritious for us.
While I was pregnant with Mini-ion 2, on a quest to find more homemade food, I stumbled across this blog, chickensintheroad and was so inspired. It is written by Suzanne McMinn about the simplicity of life in rural America. It intrigued me and drove me to want to make more of our food. On her blog, she has recipes for many of what you may consider staples like hamburger helper, cake and bisquick. It was the bisquick recipe that really came in handy.
First, let me do a side note on how irritating it is to me to do a quick run out to the store. Our local grocery store, while it has a massive amount of inventory, is difficult to park at, hit or miss on getting the car cart (because we HAVE to get the car cart to carry the two mini-ions) and difficult to check out of because the car cart doesn’t really fit down the check-out lines, requiring me to jam it through, making a huge noise and potentially banging one of the mini-ions appendages in the process. Phew! It really irritates me. If I have to go to this store (and I go maybe every other week because I can get most of what I need at Walmart or BJ’s) it better be for a large amount of things.
Enter the procrastinating nature of my husband. I had been mentioning to him for over a week that his father’s birthday is coming up, what are we doing for it? Fast forward to the day before, turns out his dad had plans. Fast forward even further to that afternoon, his plans changed, can we celebrate his birthday tonight?
With the chickensintheroad blog as inspiration, I now I have a handful of mixes in my pantry, including hamburger helper, chili seasoning, taco seasoning, onion soup mix and of course, bisquick. And because my sister-in-law had a party the weekend previous with lots of leftover food, we had meat to cook. And because I’m awesome and have mixes in my pantry, I could make homemade strawberry shortcakes with my bisquick mix. I even had cream that I could whip up into fresh whipped cream!

*cheering* *cheering* I told you I’m a praise junkie!

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