The artist was great. She could always draw a crowd.

I have a good friend, a former preschool teacher, now stay at home mom, who has been a strong encourager of me letting my kids get messy. As a messy person, it seems like that wouldn’t be too much of a stretch for me, but I think it’s the losing of control of the situation that gives me agita.
Mini-ion 1, at this point, is pretty neat in his painting experiences. His first painting experience, at my friend’s house, wasn’t too horrifying, so I’ve tried to continue with it.
Mini-ion 2 though, oh my. She’s of the philosophy of wanting to explore the world through taste. I don’t like the idea of putting her in situations where I have to constantly stop her or tell her no, but I also don’t like the idea of her having a mouth covered in red paint as she constantly shovels it in. Consequently, our painting experiences have been minimal. And stopped shortly after they started.
However, her exploration of taste has reduced some. My husband and I found ourselves with a couple of free hours on a weekend day and thought we would take advantage of it with some free-form painting (and check off Act #95 of Summer Awesomeness). I define free-form painting as putting an old sheet down and giving them big splotches of paint, paint brushes, paper mache letters (of their first initial) and, of course, cars. And let them free to paint.
It was great to have this time for my husband to interact with the mini-ions creatively, because he is so creatively minded. As an architect, he can see the beauty in the line of an object or the use of interesting materials. To appreciate his children’s creative expressions, even at such young ages, is quite meaningful.  It was great for me too.  To let go and let my children happen.  No matter how messy (especially as I had help cleaning up!).

Mini-ion 1’s grasp of the paint brush has gotten quite good. I know my husband was happy to see him reveling in his paint mixing and overall creative joy. Mini-ion 2 mostly kept it out of her mouth. Not her hair, clothes, exposed appendages or furniture, but mostly out of her mouth. They both also enjoyed driving their cars through paint splotches to make different car tracks.

Which easily led us to our next Act of Summer Awesomeness (#94), a car wash. This was an efficient use of water as it allowed us to wash the paint off the brushes, faces, arms, legs, hair, shoes, dog, walls, chairs, doors, ………..


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