Some children think that their parents are all no-ing.

Involved in our recent trip to Hershey, PA was a wakeup call for my dear husband and me.

Poor Mini-ion 2 suffers from second child syndrome.

Parents of 2 or more children can likely relate.  With your first child, you may anticipate every milestone.  Every time they are grumpy or drooling, they must be getting their first tooth. You encourage and try to get them to crawl, stand and walk.  You analyze every sound to see if that is their first word.  You are checking with your friends and the internet to make sure they are on time (or even ahead of time) for every milestone.

Then the second child comes.  If you are anything like me, it’s cause for applause if everyone is dressed and eaten a couple of times by the end of the day (or even fully dressed at one point, but not necessarily all day).  Mini-ion 2’s first tooth took me completely by surprise.  I didn’t start giving her solid food until she was almost 7 months old.    I sat in the tub with her, for her bath, until she was over a year old.

I don’t know if it’s because I know she is my last, so I’m not ready for her to advance, or if it’s because I’m being derelict in my duty of measuring her progress against milestones.  But it is like each new week or two I’m flabbergasted that she needs me a little bit less.  And that was inherently obvious during our trip to Hershey.

My first clue was her interest in the animals at the zoo.  I truly didn’t think she’d notice.  I don’t know why, she seems to notice everything.  But I was really surprised to see her nearly vaulting out of her stroller to see the animals.  Her favorite were the fish swimming in the bear pool (luckily the bear wasn’t hungry).  She thought those fish were fabulous.IMG_2806[1]

The next day was the more heart-breaking day.  Mini-ion 2 rode rides.  And not just in my or my husband’s lap.  All. By. Herself.  Hubby and I both had tears in our eyes seeing the joy and independence the Mini-ions exhibited.

It was like Mini-ion 2 was saying to us, “Stop!  Stop underestimating me!  I’m about to take over the world!”  I completely believe she will.

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