Tried some bear stew. It was a little grizzly.

We’ve been well on our way to checking off activities in our 100 Acts of Summer Awesomeness. This past weekend we spent the weekend in Hershey, Pa and went to the Zoo (98) and an amusement park (97). It was so much fun. While the zoo attached to Hershey Park wasn’t that remarkable, it was tremendously cheaper than our previous plans (Sesame Place) and still gave us a great chance to move around as a family and learn about animals (North American animals only). We saw them feed the wolves (a little creepy when the wolves were sniffing around at the gate that contained them). We were also able to get close to a brown bear as it cooled off in a pool.

The unremarkable-ness of the zoo gave us once of the greatest opportunities. We were able to get through it all in about 35 minutes, and then took a break for a snack and some entertainers. Then, we gave Mini-ion 1 the map and told him to lead us to where he wanted to go. He was so impressed with himself in this opportunity; it felt like he grew 2 inches. He didn’t just walk; he bounced with this new role of leader.

And we followed him!

He led us to an area where you could pet some of the animals, so he had a chance to pet a snake and see some insects up close. His leading was short-lived because we quickly neared the exit of the zoo, but it was a big step for all of us, for us, giving over control. For him, leading the family fed his feeling of our confidence in him and feeling like a valued member of the family.

It was his first chance of telling us where to go and I think he liked it.

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