The hiking shop employs people from all walks of life.

It’s been an off couple of days here at crumbsoffthetable. First, there was the time needed to recover from all the fun had at girls’ weekend. Then some sickness. However, having committed to having 100 Acts of Summer Awesomeness, and then counting down from 100 (instead of counting up from one) has made me want to really take advantage of each day to achieve the 100. And because it would be ridiculous to only get down to 17. Like, really ridiculous.
With that in mind, we trudged on, not letting exhaustion or a summer cold prevent us from having fun each day. We just had to be creative on how we found the fun.

For the #75th Act of Summer Awesomeness, there was a walk around a local “pond”, though it seemed more like a lake to me. A mile and a half walk, with other moms in my local MOMs organization, flew by as we all chatted with each other and pointed out cool things to the kids. Like the water fall and interesting boats that cleaned the pond.


On that same day, we headed out to a new (to us) park for #74. Cute little park, just the right size for a couple of us to play.


A day later, we took advantage of a recent rainstorm to play in puddles (#73). With and without boots. I couldn’t believe how much fun the mini-ions had with this activity.


I’m sure you won’t be surprised to find out the next day, Mini-ion #2 woke up with a head cold. This was super frustrating as it was the second time my MOMs group was going berry picking and the second time we wouldn’t be able to go. But, we still managed to find some fun at home. I had painted some colors in the bottom of an egg carton, so we used that to go on a nature scavenger hunt (#72).


What fun this was! We found pretty good selections of color all around our property and certainly made Mini-ion #1 much more aware of his surroundings. And it led to #71’s activity, a nature inspired art project.

I’ve always had trepidations about art projects, but when Mini-ion #1 finished his (and I finally got Mini-ion #2 to quit eating her cheerios with her glue stick), IMG_2966[1]

I could not have been prouder. I sent the picture to my dear husband. Then we called him to talk about it. It’s still hanging on the wall. I think I might be the most proud of it.


To finish up the #70’s, when Mini-ion #1 woke up the next day with a head cold, we took a walk around our neighborhood to play I spy colors of all the different flowers. It felt good for all of us to be out enjoying the sunshine, even if both mini-ions were sick. And to be still enjoying summer while I pushed them around the neighborhood.


Although it took some on the fly planning, I was surprised at how truly delightful it was. Even though we could have just scrapped three days, we really lived them, enjoyed them and each other. I hope you did too!

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