If you saw a bear foot in the woods it would give you paws for concern.

100 acts of summer awesomeness continues!
As part of the MOMs group, we went on a hike in the woods. It was great, cleared as part of an old rail line, now generally serves quads and hikers and connects to other historic hiking trails in our area. I had Mini-ion 2 in a backpack, in which she promptly fell asleep for the majority of the hike (maybe 2 miles?).
One great part of the hike was walking behind some farmland and hearing roosters serenading us, seeing deer observing us and horses galloping. One mom joked, as we all paused and bent down to “see the roosters” that the roosters might have been gathering to “see the people”. Another great part was seeing how much the quad riders really help to maintain this path. Not just by riding on it, keeping it packed down, but also by coming in and cutting back trees and other brush that gets overgrown. While I’ve mostly only ever been annoyed by quads and the noise they’ve made as they rode by in the woods, I certainly gained a level of respect for them and the respect they showed the woods, their recreation area. It could have been full of litter, but instead is handled with care.
I also loved seeing how Mini-ion 1 is much like stories of his Daddy. My husband, during hikes with his family as a youth, would run ahead, then run back to the group, then back ahead, then back to the group. It may just be the energy of the young that makes them do this, but it was really cute to see Mini-ion 1 acting just as I imagined his father did.
Mini-ion 1 and I came home exhausted, too tired to go strawberry picking, as we had planned. Mini-ion 2 looked at us, fully rested, ready to play. If she’s going to be this energetic after hike, she’s walking!

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