Just got my paycheck, turns out I got a celery cut

I am on a quest. I may not be successful, but I’ll go down trying. I will find a way to sneak more vegetables into my husband and mini-ion 1.
Both mini-ion 2 and I love many different types of veggies. She’ll eat just about anything I eat.
Mini-ion 1 used to be a lot more adventurous, but I fell apart on the “keeping him in healthy food” job when I was pregnant and moving us out of our house, into my father-in-law’s house, into our new house, then having a baby. Still tired just thinking about it.
My husband has the “interesting” food philosophy. He only wants to eat food that grows over 4 feet high (corn) or in the ground (potatoes and onions). All the rest of it is food that his food eats. The one exception is spinach.
It’s a challenge for sure. Today, I attempted a recipe from weelicious (a truly fabulous food site that irritates the crackers out of me because her kids eat such awesome food, more awesome than I’ve ever eaten!): http://weelicious.com/2010/06/03/carrot-snack-sticks/

It turned out to be pretty easy to do. I’m always a little hesitant when it comes to recipes that I have to roll out, but even with my ineptitude; it came out pretty close to the image. I tasted it – pretty good, could use a spice, maybe dill (I think everything tastes better with dill). Mini-ion 2 tasted it and couldn’t get enough. Oh Mini-ion oooooooooone. I have a tasty treat for yooooooooooooou. One bite and a big nope from him. *sigh* I’ll have my husband try it, but it’s likely a loser in this house.

The quest continues.

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