The Irish …. An English-piquing people.

I have this fantastic t-shirt with an amazing story. In college, my sorority nickname was Bailey, in part after Bailey’s Irish Cream. While in college, a couple of us go into Manhattan for the St. Patrick’s Day parade, and I see this girl with a Bailey’s Irish Cream t-shirt in a bathroom. I convince her to trade shirts with me; she literally takes the shirt off her back for my Heineken t-shirt. Ok, that’s the story of the t-shirt. Amazing, right? Or maybe you had to be there.

The Bailey's shirt
I’ve worn the crap out of this t-shirt. It’s awesome and soft and totally doesn’t fit me anymore. But I can’t stand the thought of getting rid of it. Maybe I’m still holding on to the girl that trades shirts with other girls in random bathrooms, but for whatever the reason, I keep pulling this t-shirt back out of the donation pile.
Enter Pinterest. Oh how the crumbs pile up on the table while I find things on Pinterest that we can’t live without (in my head, from Spaceballs, “It’s my industrial size hairdryer and I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT IT!”). Isn’t the laundry soap cheaper (and effective)? Don’t you like the homemade bread? Wasn’t the Oreo Icebox cake amazing? And Pinterest has exactly the solution for my Bailey’s t-shirt – turning it into a tote!
Luckily I was just thinking, hmm, what to write about next for this blog. Oh yeah, I have this t-shirt that I’ve been wanting to turn into a bag for forever. I guess I have to do this right away for the blog. So here it is, with pics (without getting the crumbs off the table because clearly I had no time for that).  It was super easy to do, took a little over 10 minutes and that’s strictly because mini-ion 2 woke up in the middle of it and needed some cuddles.

fold in half and cut half circle for the openingfold in half and cut the opening

tie rope to screw to thread through bottom of t-shirt Find some way of threading a rope-like object through the bottom hem of the shirt (I had twine and a screw handy)cut a small slit on bottom hem of t-shirt and thread screw with yarn around the bottom of t-shirt Cut a small slit in the bottom hem of the shirt and thread your rope-like object all the way through to the other side

hold crying mini-ion while threading Hold mini-ion 2 when she wake grumpy from the nap and keep threading

Pull rope tightly and from inside of t-shirt, tie into a knotOnce you have gone all the way around, it should look like this.  Pull it tight and from the inside of the shirt, tie it.

Voila!  T-shirt bagBag!
Let’s hope it doesn’t rip the first time I put something in it.

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