The crowd at the Cannibal’s party grew silent when he announced he would be serving finger food.

I love to plan gatherings.  And I think it is because I’m a praise junkie.

Planning an event relaxes me.  Thinking through the details of an upcoming party helps me fall asleep at night.  Listing out the menu in my head, planning the activities, devising little touches to enhance the party is one of my favorite ways to spend free time while driving, sitting in the dentist chair or watching another episode of Umizoomi.

And then the party happens and my friends just compliment me left and right.

Do I throw parties just for the compliments?  Maybe.

Last weekend was mini-ion 2’s baptism.  Yippee!  Another reason for a party!  And throwing it in conjunction with Father’s Day meant I should plan a brunch for my family and the rest of the church congregation.  It was exceptional.  Ham, sausage egg bake, French toast bake, fruit salad, muffins.  And of course dessert; Oreo ice box cake, my mother-in-law’s famous cheesecake and chocolate éclair cake.

Now that the party is over and the dishes have been cleaned and put away I already have that familiar emptiness.  The itchy need to plan.  What’s next?  Oktoberfest.  Imagine what I can do with three months of planning!!

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